Why Our ShamoFlage ® Viscose Fabric is Superior to Microfiber

Viscose is an amazing fabric that absorbs over 12 times its weight in liquid, wrings out over 90% dry and is ready to wipe or dry even when wet! In other words, it never stops working!

Microfiber is no more absorbent than regular terrycloth and no matter what they may tell you, it does not wring out to reuse when wet. In other words, it only works when it’s dry!

Viscose is made of natural fibers sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and is manufactured in a non-polluting ISO 9001 German factory. It is durable, machine washable and, when finally worn out, it’s biodegradable.

Microfiber is made from petrochemicals and mostly manufactured in non-certified Chinese factories. It breaks down easily, does not machine wash well, is a leading cause of micro-plastic water pollution and when worn out, it’s not biodegradable.

In addition to superior performance, our rugged towels come in a digital camo pattern that is printed on both sides to provide full coverage while in the field. And no matter what kind of muck you throw at it, a single U.S. Camo Corps ShamoFlage ® towel will replace over a dozen ordinary towels!